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As a therapist I use Wild Art therapy and encourage art practices using natural surroundings to bring calm, process trauma, and develop coping skills. I specialise mainly in low self-esteem because I believe it underlies many of the problems that my clients present with: lack of confidence, stress, depression, poor sleep habits, and more.

When you are experiencing anxiety or trauma your brain and sympathetic nervous system are continually stimulated and it’s harder to make decisions because you’re in a state of reacting. When you’re in that state you can’t do the emotional work to aid healing. By contrast, when you’re outside, you’re calmer, it’s easier to breathe, easier to process what’s going on in your brain, which allows you to get to a place of processing emotions.

You don’t have to be good at art - I love being outdoors with clients, giving them opportunity to  create without any fear that judgement will be passed on their work. And it’s free, so Wild Art Therapy is accessible any time for pretty much anyone. For ideas on things to do take a look at my blog at Use it for guidance and think up some ideas of your own. Your objective should be to have no objective - just go wherever your heart and mind want to, and make something with it. Gather each find from the ground like you are collecting treasure with a true state of abundance and awe.

Wild Art Therapy, essentially, is counselling in the outdoors. There is an emphasis on mindfulness and impermanence, making it effective for improving self-esteem, managing grief, loss, and building coping skills. Wild Art Therapy is something you can turn to no matter who is around. By creating art, emotions can be externalised, which opens the fort to processing feelings.

It can be practised alone or with friends. Sometimes it can be beneficial to have a therapist with you to help you get started and to help you process some particularly difficult emotions. For this reason I do offer one-to-one and group therapy sessions. Group therapy sessions can be good for sharing experiences too. 

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